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Gleiwitz III

Name of the camp - Arbeitslager Gleiwitz III
Other name for the camp - Häftlingslager Gleiwitzer Hütte
Commandant of the camp - SS-Hauptscharführer Karl Speiker
Location - Gliwice
Period of camp existence – July 1944 – 19 January 1945
Work type - renovation of the Glewitzer Hütte factory building, followed by production of arms, ammunition, and railroad wheels
Number of prisoners – 450-600
Employer - Zieleniewski-Maschinen und Waggonbau GmbH
Evacuation / Liquidation of the camp – 19 January 1945, all prisoners were sent to KL Gross-Rosen

GLEIWITZ III_commandantur and memorial.jpg Former commandant building on the area of Gleiwitz III with the memorial in the foreground.

GLEIWITZ III_watchtower.jpg Watchtower in the western corner of the camp.

GLEIWITZ III_barrack for prizoners.jpg Prisoners barrack.

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