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Name of the camp – Buna-Monowitz
Other name for the camp – Buna Werke
Commandant of the camp - SS-Obersturmführer Vinzenz Schöttl
Location – Monowice near Oświęcim
Period of camp existence – October 1942 – 17 January 1945
Work type - construction of a chemical complex
Number of prisoners – around 11.000
Employer - IG Farbenindustrie AG
Evacuation / Liquidation of the camp – 17 January 1945 

BUNA_03.jpg SS Barracks. 

BUNA_01.jpg Remnants of the original prisoner barracks. 

BUNA_02.jpg Foundation of prisoner barrack. 

monopost.jpg One of the few remaining camp fence posts. 

bunafactory.jpg View of the IG Farben Buna plant.

monowitzmem.jpg Memorial to the prisoners of Monowitz in front of the modern day entrance to the Buna plant. 

mono2.jpgRemnants of SS guard tower from the SS industrial zone around Auschwitz. This one is situated next to Buna and Monowitz.

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