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Koscian Asylum


In Koscian asylum in two aktions, on the 15th and 22 January 1940, around 543 people were gassed in the Kaiser -Kaffeee-Geschaft vehicles in the forests near Jarogniewice gmina Czempin. 

From February 9th, 1940 until beginning of March 1940 the aktion was continued. Approximately 2750 patients were brought to Koscian from German asylums in Treptow ( Gryfice), Uckermunde, Stettin (Szeczin), Launenburg (Lebork) and Obrawalde (Obrzycko) near Meseritz (Miedzyrzecze).  On February 23, 1940 48 women from the asylum in Osieczna near  Lissa (Leszno) were transported as well. 

After the aktions the bodies were buried in the Wypalanki forest near Stenschew (Steszew).

During the Koscian aktions Lange changed the method of killing. In the January 1940 aktions he used carbon monoxide gas cylinders. In the subsequent aktions he used carbon monoxide from the exhaust fumes of the gas trucks. 

004_Koscian Asylum.jpg Main Administrative Building of Koscian Asylum. Here was the headquarters of SS-Sonderkommando Lange and Nazi doctors during the euthanasia action.

Osieczna_old people home.jpg Osieczna.

002_ Koscian_Zentralle.jpg Headquarters of the Zentrale für Krankenverlegung (Central Office for Transfer of Sick Persons) in Koscian. It was one of most mysterious organizations of the euthanasia action. In June 1940 officers of ZfK arrived in Koscian and sent from here death certificates with fictitious death causes to to the victims' families to allay suspicions.

todesursache 01.JPG One of death certificates with fictitious cause of death prepared for relatives of victims. Perpetrators used Polish version of death certificate. Fragment of the document.