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Chelmno- village

During his investigations in 1946, judge W. Bednarz made an absolutely extraordinary map of the Chelmno village. This map shows the names of people who lived during the SS-Sonderkommando Kulmhof activity in Chelmno, many of whom he interviewed during his investigations. During our detailed research we confirmed that a lot of structures are still visible today.

Bednarz Chelmno map.jpg
Chelmno - Bednarz map (1946).

001_Kazimierski House.jpg The Kazimierski House.

002_Radoszewski House.jpg The Radoszewski House.

003_Jagiello House.jpg The Jagiello House.

004_old bridge to Gaj.jpg Old wooden bridge to Gaj Village.

005_Ner river.jpg View from the bridge towards 'Palacekommando" (Palace Camp) which was on the top of hill.

006_Kazimierkiewicz House.jpg The Kazimierkiewicz House.

007_way to park.jpg Road to the park in the former manor house - 'Palacekommando'.

008_way to park.jpg Road to the 'Palace Camp'.

010_Miszczak House.jpg The Miszczak House.

011_Ludwicki House.jpg The Ludwicki House.

012_Szacowny House.jpg The Szacowny House.

013_railway line.jpg Here was the narrow-gauge railway line between Sompolno-Kolo-Dabie. The Railway platfrom in Chelmno was somewhere here. The track and station were removed in the 1960's.

014_church visible from the platform.jpg The 'White Church' visible from the site of the narrow gauge railway platform.

015_Krol House.jpg The Krol House.

016_Grab House.jpg The Grab(?) House.

017_Przybylski House.jpg The Przybylski House.

018_Nowa Gmina.jpg Nowa Gmina.

019_Organia House.jpg The Organia House.

023_school.jpg The site of the village school. Only the original fence and some foundations survived. The white church can be seen in the background. This was a functioning school during the time of the operation of the death camp. Literally 150 meters from the location of the palace and the gas vans. 

024_Kazimierczak House.jpg The Kazimierczak House.

025_way to palace.jpg Route to the Palace Camp.

026_Rowinski House.jpg The Rowinski House.

027_Rosinski House.jpg The Rosinski House.

028_Jamroz House.jpg The Jamroz House.