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In 2004 - 2009 we visited a lot of places connected to Nazi crimes (especially in Poland). We have extensive experience in organizing such trips; we have extensive knowledge of the places which are known in Holocaust literature, and which you certainly not seen and we know where the places are.

We propose you help in organizing these kind of trips:

1. Beginning of Holocaust
- first gas chamber in Fort VII (Poznan)
- place where H. Himmler spoke about "evacuation of Jews" (Poznan)
- residences of A. Greiser (Poznan, Puszczykowo)

2. Early euthanasia centres in Warthegau, where SS-Sonderkommando Lange killed a thousands of people in stationary and mobile gas chambers

Our proposal of the trip includes:
- Owinska Asylum and mass graves in Roznowiecki Forest
- Fort VII
- Koscian Asylum and mass graves in Jarogniewice Forest
- Gniezno Asylum
- Warta Asylum
- Kochanowka Asylum
- Bojanowo, Osieczna and Srem Madhouses

3. Full guidance tour to Kulmhof Death Camp (Chelmno on Ner)

Area of Waldlager in winter.

Our proposal of the trip includes:
- Palace Camp (Hauskommando)
- Forest Camp (Waldkommando)
- Kolo: railway station, Jewish Quarter, Riga Inn, former Ostrowski Factory
- Sompolno Ghetto
- Grabow Ghetto
- Dabie Ghetto
- Majdany
- Powiercie Railway Station
- Zawadka Mill
- Chelmno Village where members of SS-Sondekommando Kulmhof lived

4. Litzmannstadt Ghetto
Basic trip - 1 day
Detailed visit - 2 days

Rote Haus_LG.jpg
Litzmannstadt Ghetto. The Red House (Rote Haus) - location of the Criminal Police (Kripo) Station. Site where Jews were submitted to torture, maimed, and usually murdered.

5. Subcamps of Gross Rosen (more than 100 locations to choose from)

GR_main gate.jpg
Gross Rosen - Main Gate.

6. Organization Schmelt Camps for Jews in Lower and Upper Silesia (selected camps)

Neusaltz_Schmelt camp.jpg
Schmelt Camp in Neusaltz.

If you are interested in these trips - contact us.