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About us

Cameron Munro (1964) and Artur Hojan (1973) founded “Tiergartenstrasse 4 Association” to research Nazi crimes. Between 2005 and 2009 the Association researched Nazi Euthanasia in the  Wielkopolska region (Warthegau). Some of the results of this work was published in “Chronicle from Dead Places” (2005) and “Opfer der NS-Psychiatrie” (2007).

The Tiergatenstrasse 4 Association (The Association) was founded in 2005 as a private International association. The Association has sixteen members from all over the world. The purpose of the Association is to research Nazi crimes in all its forms in all countries. The focus of the Association to date has been on crimes in Poland and more specifically the Warthegau as this area has been totally neglegted by historians in the West. This has meant many fundamental historical facts associated with Nazi crimes have either been ignored, neglegted or remain unknown due to language problems. The Association aims to correct this.

The Association uses different techniques to traditional research undertaken by historians in museums and universities.  Firstly the association believes that no research can be fully undertaken without a detailed search and research of the places where the events occurred. So at least half the time on each project is spent visting, finding or refinding the original places where events occurred. The Association produces detailed maps of these locations, speaks to local people, visits local museums and archives. This we call
holocaust archeology. This is combined with traditional historical techniques with time spent in archives, libraries etc. This we believe is a unique way to research these crimes and is especially relevant in countries such as Poland where so much exists and so little is known outside of the country.

We currently work on four projects.The largest of these is the research of the sub camps of Auschwitz. This project began in 2006 in association with the Auschwitz State Museum. The aim is to: find the locations of the approximately 45 Auschwitz sub camps, to photograph the remnants, draw detailed maps, speak to local witnesses, source new photos and documents, undertake detailed resarch in the Auschwitz archives and write the first complete detailed book on the sub camps. The Association spent 2 years finding the sub camps and 1 year in the Auschwitz archives. We are now finally bringing this information togethor in a book of approximately 1,000 pages. We also finishes the the very first complete book about history of Kulmhof death camp.The Association has an archive of approximately 100,000 modern photographs from many countries and places associated with Nazi crimes. A small sample of these are shown on this site.

In addition the Association has a library of 20,000 books, periodicals etc from all countries on Nazi crimes. The Association has also collected many original artifacts, books, documents, photos which it uses in its research. The Association has microfilm copies of most of the war crimes trials from the British and US archives and many microfilm documents from euthanasia in Nazi occupied Poland and crematoria in Poland. We continue to collect microfilm copies of source material in Poland for use in research.

The Association cooperates with many museums, archives and individuals in its research for example the Auschwitz State Museum (Oświęcim/Poland), Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas (Berlin/Germany) and Der Deutsche Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband – Gesamtverband e.V. (Berlin/Germany).