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Eugenics. The story about human dreams, Eugenics. The story about human dreams, absolute perfection and wanderingabsolute perfection and wandering

skull.jpg Exhumation in Meseritz-Obrawalde.

Radio Zachod (Zielona Gora) invited academics and jounalists for audio discussions on: Eugenics. The story of human dreams, absolute perfection  – by Malgorzata Nabel and Konrad Stanglewicz. The last part (seven) is about the so-called ‘wild euthanasia’ in Meseritz-Obrawalde Asylum.

The main question of these essays is - why do human dreams sometimes lead to crimes?

The following academics and journalists talk about eugenics and euthanasia:
Stanisław Cebrat, geneticist; The University of Wroclaw;
Magdalena Fikus, geneticist; The Polish Academy of Sciences;
the Reverend Artur Filipowicz, political science;
Magdalena Gawin, historian of Polish eugenics;
Artur Hojan, writer, Nazi crimes researcher; Tiergartenstrasse 4 Association;
Maciej Iłowiecki, journalist;
Michał Komar, journalist, screenwriter;
Zdzisław Kalita, philosopher;
Dariusz Karłowicz, philosopher, historian;
Hubert Orłowski, Germanist, historian;
Jerzy Sosnowski, journalist;
Kamila Uzarczyk, historian of medicine;
Włodzimierz Zagórski, biochemist; The Polish Academy of Sciences;

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