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  • New T4 memorial in Berlin begins

New T4 memorial in Berlin begins

Berlin begins building new memorial to victims of Nazi 'euthanasia'. Officials have gathered in Berlin to lay the foundations for a monument to the people killed as part of the Nazi "euthanasia" programs. This symbolic place is not accidental - there was the headquarters of the Aktion T4. As German media said - this monument will be fourth official monument to victims of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist government.

This will be a memorial to all victims of Nazi 'euthanasia' - Aktion T4, child euthanasia, "wild"euthanasia programs,
14f13 special treatment, Aktion Brandt - from all European countries occupied by Nazis during a war.

The German minister for cultural state affairs, Bernd Neumann, attended the laying of the foundation stone on Monday, saying that the monument should set a sign "against hate, delusion and coldheartedness - and for tolerance, empathy and a respect for life."
The vice president of the lower house of German parliament, Wolfgang Thierse; the government's special representative for the disabled, Hubert Hüppe; and Berlin's senator for integration, Dilek Kolat, also attended the ceremony.

The planned monument will be a long, blue glass wall - designed by the architechts Ursula Wilms and Heinz W. Hallman, along with the artist Nikolaus Koliusis. The federal government plans to contribute 500,000 euros ($643,200) to the project. The finished site is tentatively scheduled for inauguration in the second half of 2014.