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Ellrich was a sub camp of Mittlebau-Dora. A crematorium was built in this large sub camp due to the high death rate among prisoners even though it was close to the parent camp. The crematorium was brick built and existed at liberation. The building was destroyed in the post war years and no information seems seems to exist on what happened to the oven itself. 

The librarian in the Dora Gedenkstatte offered the possibility that the second portable Kori crematorium on display in the Dora crematorium may be the one from Ellrich as there is no information on where it came from in the camp archives. Unfortunately all of the camp records were destroyed before liberation and very little documentation now exists.

From the Chronicle of Ellrich:

Month of January 1945  393 dead have been sent in 12 transports to Dora for incineration.

February 1945. The crematory in Ellrich is under construction siutuated south of the camp. It is brick built and includes a dissection table.

27 February 1945 541 dead are transported to Dora for incineration in 12 transports

March 1945. The Ellrich crematory commences operation

8 March 1945. Today 138 dead, incinerated in the crematorium in Ellrich

11 march 1945 in the first 10 days of the month 331 dead are registered

19 March 1945 On 18 and 19 March 317 bodies are incinerated in Ellrich. 

21 March For days 11-20 of the month 371 dead are registered. The small crematorium in Ellrich is unable to keep up with the number of dead.

Without Date. A nauseous smoke covers Ellrich and surroundings. 

31 March 1945 For days 21-31 319 dead are registered

Source: Bornemann, Manfred. Ellrich La Redecouverte D'un camp de concentration oublie chronique. 2004




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